Introducing Faa-iz Goat Milk

Enjoy the savory of faa-iz goat milk while enjoying the health benefit:

Susu Kambing Faa-iz


Milk generally contains calcium that is needed for a strong bone. The amount of calcium found in goat milk is hinger than the one found in cow milk which is 2.2 times more.
Susu Kambing Faa-iz


Goat milk contains A2 beta-casein protein which is far better than found in cow milk which is A1 beta-casein. The A2 beta-casein found in goat milk is similar to the natural breast milk. This will help those that has allergy amongst children. Furthermore, A1 beta-casein can lead to risk of getting diabetes.
Susu Kambing Faa-iz

Source of Magnesium

Magnesium is a natural mineral which is good for our heart. IT can help maintain normal heart beat and prevent the formation blood clot. And goat milk a good source of magnesium.
Susu Kambing Faa-iz

Fatty Acid

Goat milk contains fatty acid which can help lower the cholesterol level much better compared to cow milk. Fatty acid also great in treating heart disease.
Susu Kambing Faa-iz

Easily Digested

Once goat milk reach our stomach, the protein found in goat milk will form softer curd compared to cow milk. This can help reduce irritation to stomach and make it much easier to be digested.
Susu Kambing Faa-iz

Balancing PH Level

Goat milk is in the alkaline family which is closely resembling the PH level of natural breast milk. This can help improve the PH balance within our body.
Susu Kambing Faa-iz

Low Lactose

Goat milk contains much lower lactose as compared to cow milk. Therefore, this milk is suitable for those that has intolerance to lactose and has sensitive stomach.

Formulation & Nutrition

Our Faa-iz goat milk is recommended to be consumed by all age groups as early as 3 years old. This is because this drink is considered one of the prophet SAW sunnah and it contains its unique benefit to general health. Among the benefits of Faa-iz goat milk are as follow:

Brown Rice

Low carbohidrate content (80%) compared to white rice makes it suitable for diabetic patience.
Brown rice is one of the food that has high fibre which is good for digestive system.
Contains vitamin B which is suitable for problem with nerve system including foot and hand numbness.
Slow digestion which makes it ideal for weight loss.
Contains vitamin E which is anti-oxidant agent which is good for heart and skin.
Brown rice also contain high level of selenium, a mineral that can increase immune level and and body shield.
Manganese is one of the mineral found in brown rice and it can help coordinate fat metabolism dan heart function.

Ginko Biloba

Ginkgo biloba also known as "brain herb" because it can help improve memory retention and brain function especially those still in learning stage and also to delay the dementia effect
There are vitamins in gingko biloba that can improve color recognition amongst diabetic patience and it can also help improve the sight of glaucoma patience.
Help improves blood circulation. It is also good for those having health problem including cold hand and feet, foot acne due to long walk and outdoor activity or vertigo which is a condition where one can easily have headspin and floating effect which leads to lost of balance or falling.
Gingko biloba contains a few anti-oxidant agents that function by neutralizing oxidation that can ruin our body system and cause cancer.


Dates contains vitamin B6 that can help fight stress by inducing the production of 2 brain hormones.
Dates contain glucose, fuctose and sucrose that is needed as a source of energy.
Dates also contain anti-oxidant features that is needed for heart care.
Dates contain vitamin A which is good for eyes and to maintain a healthy skin.
Dates encourages the good bacteria development in the colon and help improve digestive system which help prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and colon cancer.
Dates also is a source of iron which is good for those having low blood count.
Dates contains high potassium concentration that is important to keep the water level balance in the body. It is needed for the contraction of muscle in the movement and nerve movement.

Rock Salt

Rock salt help improve indegestive system. Rock salt is believed to be able to rid stomach worm and improve stomach ache and stomach infection.
Aside from sodium chloride content, rock salt also contain mineral trace that is beneficial for body including calcium, iron, calium, magnesium, copper and others.
This salt is helping our body racharge electrolites that is lost from our body and help stabilize PH level.
Rock salt also improves sore throat, swollen throat, dry cough and tonsil.
Rock salt promotes good blood circulation and mineral balance by eliminating toxic mineral and fine salt piling.
Smoothens the gall bladder flow which is important in weight control.
Reduces that gout pain by eliminating toxic and excessive uric acid in our body.

What Our Client Says
About Us

Our goat milk is formulated with many goodness. Various community and age group has enjoyed its goodness.

We are sharing here a few testimonials from our client that has positive experience and love the goodness of Faa-iz goat milk.

“I am full after consuming 1 pack. Great for my night meal.”

Puan Jasmine
Johor Baharu

“Alhamdulillah. Freshness felt. My kid also loves it.”

Puan Intan

“Alhamdulillah, my migrane is lesser. Stomach ache also relieved.”

En Idham

“I used to have knee ache. Now, I can enjoy my morning jog.”

En Bohari

“I breastfeed my kid and always feel hungry. When I take Faa-iz goat milk I don't feel hungry anymore.”

Pn Liyana

“I am consuming this especially for my sahur to reduce my hunger during the day. This is also my savior during my confinement and helps my weight control.”

Pn Siti Khadijah

“I always avoid goat milk because of its smell. But I love drinking Faa-iz goat milk because there is no unpleasant smell.”

Pn Nurul

“My kid does not like white milk. He said, Faa-iz goat milk taste good.”

Pn Shamelin
Kuala Terengganu

“I drink and it helps my digestive system. My mother says her sugar level is maintained. This is great.”

Cik Halimaton

“My mother has high blood pressure. This drink helps make her body feel light. I am happy she is more active now.”

Pn Shima
Tanjung Karang


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